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To the Valley News:

The Elizabethtown Planning Board would like to thank the 128 people who took the time to fill out the Town survey on the future of Elizabethtown. Economic development was identified as the most important topic explored in the survey, followed by community character. Other topics were covered and the results and comments of the participants can be viewed online at WWW.etownny.com.

On Aug. 18 a workshop was held and about 22 people attended. It began with a large group exercise, but for the majority of the meeting, attendees worked in small groups. It’s objectives were to bring about consensus on issues, opportunities, and vision for Elizabethtown. These results, too, can be viewed online.

The next step in the process is to meet with focus groups led by one of the town’s planning consultants. These focus groups, comprised of professional and business members of Elizabethtown, are seen as an important tool in acquiring information and ideas about the town’s businesses, housing, resources, and overall environment.

Elizabethtown’s Comprehensive Plan is just that - A PLAN. It is not a law; it is not zoning; it does not involve regulations. It simply reflects the needs and desires of the community, a wish list, if you will. The Town Board adopts it only after public hearings and county review. One very good reason for having a plan is that all State and Federal funding pretty much needs to be connected to a plan. The funding agencies require communities to have their act together, i.e., a Comprehensive Plan, to be considered. It is one way to help ensure that some of our tax dollars are returned to our community.

The Elizabethtown Planning Board is looking forward to the continued cooperation of all who took the time to be involved for the good of the Elizabethtown community.

The Elizabethtown Planning Board

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