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Of course, that often occurs in small neighborhoods, with some neighbors becoming the best of friends and others not necessarily liking each other but choosing to live amicably beside each other, for the good of themselves and the neighborhood as a whole.

Then there are those occasional horror stories in which the dislike overrides everything and mini wars break out on the block, often resulting in destruction on both sides and an overall sense in the neighborhood, or at least on that block, or at the very least between those two houses, a peace accord is needed.

Still, the best thing to do is meet your neighbors, and this is especially important when there are transient populations.

Since I have been a journalist in this area, starting in March of 2000, there was no end to horror stories each semester in which college students, often drunk, destroy parts of the neighborhoods they live within in the City of Plattsburgh, usually the center city, though groups of them are spread out throughout the city.

It should be noted that we are talking about a small number of students when compared to the entire student body at Plattsburgh State. I continue to consistently meet respectful students at the university who are clearly on their way to bright futures.

But some students destroy property, scream on the way home and even enter residences, only to vomit and pass out in someone else’s living room.

I recall one particular time when a single mother struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table while dealing with her child’s severe and costly medical issues had both side mirrors to her car practically kicked off, definitely destroyed, and other property damaged too. She did not need that expense and hassle on top of everything else.

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