For Hatch

To the Valley News:

Elizabethtown is very fortunate to have the opportunity to select Evelyn Hatch for Town Board. The future of Elizabethtown depends on open and honest government and these qualities Evelyn personifies, by electing her, your vote will simply enhance characteristics that already exist on our Town Board. When elected officials work together, we all benefit.

Evelyn is Vice Chair of the Elizabethtown Planning Board and Treasurer of the Elizabethtown/Lewis Chamber of Commerce. I have witnessed time and time again her dedication and loyalty to Elizabethtown, forever looking for the good in any situation, never thinking of oneself but always for the greater good of the Elizabethtown community. Whether it was helping neighbors recover from Hurricane Irene or helping with events at the Museum or E’town Days, she volunteers her time, energy and money to help support, promote and improve Elizabethtown.

Evelyn is not a quitter, when it’s too hot in the kitchen, instead of retreating, she rolls up her sleeves. Moving forward in a positive manner, especially given today’s political climate on all levels of government, Evelyn will make the right decisions for Elizabethtown. Stick to the facts and remove the emotion is her mantra and her decisions will never be based on spite and retaliation. If not familiar with an issue, she isn’t afraid to say so and take the time allowed to do the research.

Evelyn has attended almost every Town Board meeting for the past several years and knows what’s going on. Choosing the right candidate is vital for the political healing process in Elizabethtown. Please keep the future of Elizabethtown, our home, our businesses and our community in mind when you cast your vote.

Bruce Pushee, Elizabethtown

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