Zombies invade downtown Plattsburgh

Jane Galletti and Steve Fish of Plattsburgh became the undead during the 2012 Zombie Walk on Oct. 13.

Jane Galletti and Steve Fish of Plattsburgh became the undead during the 2012 Zombie Walk on Oct. 13. Photo by Katherine Clark.

PLATTSBURGH — Dana and Cheryl Lawrence are lucky to be alive.

As they were crossing Margaret Street in Plattsburgh, a terrible sound—groaning and growling—cut through the crisp autumn air and stopped them in their tracks.

There, on the sidewalk, a foul horde of the most unspeakable wretches was shuffling by on the sidewalk, all seemingly bound for the same destination.

Thinking fast, the couple hid between two vehicles and watched in horror as the walking dead crept past them.

Dana stood wide-eyed, with Cheryl in his arms, as the last of them withdrew.

“I’m going to give her up first,” he said nervously, his survival instinct running high. “I’m more of a cut and run kind of guy.”

The Lawrence’s were not the only people to witness the procession. In fact, on Oct. 13, about 350 zombies started at the Plattsburgh Farmers Market pavillion and descended upon downtown Plattsburgh, causing pedestrians and restaurant goers alike to recoil in abject fear.

It was the fourth time this event has occurred, causing some experts to begin referring to the phenomenon as an “annual undead migration.”

The exact cause of the outbreak has left some mystified, but one of the plague’s victims offered an explanation.

Between guttural lapses in speech, Tyler Gadway, 10, of Plattsburgh, recounted his terrifying tale.

“A Camaro that was going 95 miles an hour hit me, and that’s when my hand flew off,” Gadway said, proudly showing off his stump. “As I was lying there, one of my horses bit me right in the neck, and I got the infection.”

Gadway then admitted he has bitten at least 17 people since contracting the disease.

Others were not so sure where their condition originated. Shoben Runyon remembered waking up from a head injury he suffered, and soon he began craving raw meat.

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