Give me the specifics on health care, not more hot air

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But the services offered by the municipality she resides in are important, and the school district has already gutted itself and is providing the minimum, which is not enough to call what they provide an adequate education.

And shouldn’t the employees at these places earn, at the very least, somewhat of an adequate wage and receive a pension and benefits, which coincidentally keep getting more expensive for them and are not as good as they were the year before?

But Edna cannot afford the higher taxes that will be required to continue the services these places offer, nor continue to ensure the employees don’t see their own pay gutted and their benefits ravaged.

We need to know how lawmakers are going to fix this situation and every last detail of their solution to the problem, not just that they too think it is a problem.

For example, Eric was never really the type who was going to earn a college degree or make it through technical education, so he works full time to provide for his family in jobs that don’t pay the bills.

We need to know how this will be fixed. We need to know the specifics.

Is all of this too much to ask?

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