Give me the specifics on health care, not more hot air

From the Editor's Desk

We know health care is a mess, and that some don’t have it, others do but it doesn’t cover enough and still others are going bankrupt to pay for their health care, which leaves them with mounting bills, despite the coverage.

We know some have health care, but they or their children have unique and rare life threatening conditions and health insurance companies consistently inform them they know more than their doctors and will not cover certain, life-saving procedures.

We know that taxpayers are overburdened and can’t carry much more on their shoulders, while some have already toppled over from the weight.

We know that unless elected leaders request more money from taxpayers, certain services will disappear and/or become more expensive.

We know some people work in full time jobs, busting their humps, yet they qualify for welfare because of their wages, and some taxpayers are tired of money going to welfare.

We know unemployment is higher than we’d like, and that for those without a job and still looking, any unemployment rate is too high.

We know there are some vacant jobs out there, but many of those looking for jobs, or in jobs that don’t pay enough, are trapped in situations that make it difficult to impossible to obtain the education to qualify for those jobs.

Since, we do know these things, we don’t need aspiring and current lawmakers telling us what we already know.

We need to know how they will fix it, and we need to know the specifics of how they will fix it, and when their opponents or anyone questions them on those specifics, or challenges them, we need them to get even more specific to show us that they know what they are talking about and that they, beyond a shadow of a doubt, have a cure that will remedy the situation.

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