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Main Street USA is not what it once was, at least not here in the North Country, where empty store fronts are not uncommon, and neither are weather-pocked roads and sidewalks. Some of our towns and villages are faring better than others, but the worst of the bunch seem forlorn and resigned to a steady decline.

In life there are always choices. We could sit idle and watch gravity steal the siding from our downtown buildings and winter claim another small business. We could shake our collective fist at the government and demand action in the form of fewer taxes, more growth and a brilliant, fool-proof solution to our economic quagmire.

Whether we fight the grave injustices that surround us from the comfort of our sagging couches or from the steps of city hall, we’re still here, and we still need help.

Or do we?

There might be a better way, one that could provide a guiding light for us, our neighbors and future generations everywhere.

Two local groups, Vision 2 Action and Revitalize Keeseville, have already begun the discussion, and they need all the support they can get.

Earlier this year, V2A embarked on its mission of providing a common ground for various grassroots organizations to come together and discuss ways to bring people to Plattsburgh and keep them there. The plan was to begin by tackling projects close to completion and then move on to other low- to no-cost projects. Raising money to renovate the Strand Theatre, opening the Saranac River Trail and initiating a bike rack program are some of the group’s accomplishments.

To make things happen, V2A has held four meetings which have covered ideas to improve recreation, transportation, art and education in the area. The education discussion began with a round-table talk on Mountain Lake PBS on Oct. 11 and was followed by a community forum on Oct. 18. On Oct. 25, at 8 p.m., the public is encouraged to participate in a special live call-in edition of Mountain Lake Journal on Mountain Lake PBS. The discussion will focus on how education is a vital factor in strengthening our economy and sustaining a quality of life in our community.

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