LPHS students learn about the dangers of distracted driving

Jacy good speaks to students at Lake Placid High School.

Jacy good speaks to students at Lake Placid High School. Gretchen O'Leary

For the last two years, Jacy has been in therapy to regain some of her body’s normal function, and she spends copious amounts of time educating the public on the dangers of cell phone use while driving.

“The students were enthralled with her story and many said they would make personal changes,” student support counselor Tina Clark said. Clark has already changed her cell phone message to say she might be driving, even though her car features hands free calling.

“I didn’t know the science,” Clark said. “When I saw the MRI showing brain activity when you are having a conversation, I realized it is unsafe to talk and drive.”

“I thought she was a good model for teenagers who text and drive since she's had the worst of it,” student Shane McNeirny said. “Its different actual seeing someone it effected rather than an article.”

“Her story was really moving and I hope that teenagers will understand it enough to make the choice not to text and drive, “ student Carleigh Garrett said

“It only takes a second to end a lifetime,” student Elizabeth Leff added.

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