Applaud, not scold

To the Valley News:

I do not always agree with the DEC. This time, however, instead of scolding, these outraged people should be applauding the compassion of these men.

They tried to do all in their power to aid and help “the Ausable Moose.” The animal had come to roost on a tiny bit of high ground. It was not a place this magnificent animal would have chosen, if he was well or unharmed. Why? He could not move to the water, where he could browse on the water plants and drink his fill. Why? He was too ill, or lame to do so. Some motorist had hit him, no doubt or caused him to bolt and hurt himself, or he was chased by someone on an off-road vehicle or shot at, or had the wasting disease that melts an animal’s life away. There was a reason this animal did not stand and charge folks, but instead turned his back so all those curious people would not see his tears as he faced his demise. Calmly and quietly as animals do, when death is near. That he stood in one place, for all those days, should be enough to say how very infirm he really was.

No, this time I feel the DEC came to a wise and human solution, one not made lightly, for to destroy any animal, is not what one wishes to do. I am also sure the person who pulled that trigger will carry that event in his heart for a long time. It was a deed done out of kindness, not malice.

A few weeks ago, my grandchildren spied a tightly tapped box beside the road. It was one of those over 90 degree day. How long it had been there in the bright sun? With curiosity of children, they stopped and looked inside. There was a tiny beautiful puppy who had cried so much he could not make a sound. It was so hot he was nearly cooked. Now you tell me how any person could do that to a baby? Any baby, human or animal. And it is done all the time.

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