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Now, onto the second half of the title. Last week, a big deal was made about a reporter who went on television to defend her weight because a man had written in to her station to say she needed to drop a few pounds.

The reporter, Jennifer Livingston of WKBT-TV in LaCrosse, Wisc., said that the letter was bullying her. Not the case. Unless she has other examples of this man, Kenneth Krause, being abusive toward her about her weight, then this was not bullying, which is a repeated action.

What this is was someone being (while crude) critical of another. Livingston discredited his remarks as bullying, but credited those who flocked to her side as “inspiring.” Translation: if you do not agree with me you are a bully, and if you do agree with me you are inspiring. What happened to taking the good and the bad, ‘cause when you take them both then you have the facts of life, as the lyricist wrote.

She also compared her non-bully with those who would go after one’s race or gender. Wrong again. Race and gender are not something you can choose. You can choose to diet or not to diet. The fact of the matter is that two-thirds of the nation is deemed overweight or obese, myself included, and it is a concern.

I wonder if Livingston finds it bullying when the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, goes out campaigning against obesity, especially in children. That stance is against her chosen lifestyle.

In the end, Livingston said that she would not react to Krause’s advice of using the next year to be an example by losing weight. You know what, I will then.

I have to admit that I do have a head start to this. Over the past summer, I dropped some weight - considerable, actually, and honestly I have gained some of that back. However, with this in the spotlight, I see this as a great time to re-launch my goal and progress.

It’ll be fun, but wish me luck.

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