Rich and fat

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So, one of these things you want to be, and the other you don’t. As for me, I am the opposite of that equation.

Through this whole debacle that has been the 2012 Presidential election, there has been one question that has been nagging at me: when did it become wrong to be rich? All you hear is how Mitt Romney or this candidate or that candidate is “rich” and therefore cannot relate to the little man.

First of all, guess what - they’re all rich. Every candidate that you see running for federal office is rich. President Obama is a rich man. He has made a lot of money in his life. Does he have as much as Romney, no, but it’s kind of like my philosophy on the weather when I was serving my mission in Sacramento — once it gets over 100 degrees,, it doesn’t matter what the last two digits are on the thermometer, it’s just plain hot.

Similarly, once you have two commas in your bank account, it does not matter what the numbers are on the left side of that second comma, that is a ridiculous amount of money.

Second, being rich means that you have been successful at whatever you have decided to pursue in your life, a good quality in a presidential candidate. It may also mean that you have been smart with your money and know how to budget, another good quality to have as a chief administrator.

Being rich has gone from being celebrated to being reviled. Why? I still want to be rich. Hopefully, I still have time to try and achieve that goal. I don’t need to be five houses in five countries, 50 cars and a fleet of private jets rich, I’d take just one single, straight number past the second comma rich. Heck, I’d take more than one number past the first comma rich, for that matter.

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