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To the Valley News:

Thank you for the editorial “APA: Use common sense to classify Boreas Ponds”. As the stonemason who built the fireplace in the Main Lodge I too, favor retention of the building and infrastructure. This was a well maintained working forest with a network of roads that could support the heavy trucks and equipment that’s required in forestry. When I went to work there I sometimes used the Gulf Brook Road and sometimes came in to Boreas Ponds From the Tahawus Club. Either trip was about seven miles from pavement and used to require unlocking and relocking two separate gates miles apart.

My decades as a stonemason in the Adirondacks have taken me to many very beautiful and some very exclusive places. The lodge at Boreas Ponds is certainly one of the most beautiful locations I’ve seen. The idea of it being less exclusive is appealing to me.

I was allowed some artistic license on the job and when I saw the view from the porch on the opposite side of the fireplace I was compelled to build in a bench from which you get a marvelous view of Sawteeth and other high peaks. The view from the top of the chimney is indescribable. What a lovely place!

When you wrote about the possibility that “…a disabled veteran who fought for this country will not be afforded the same luxury as was given to the governor.” I thought about those veterans and where we sent them and what they endured and still endure. I really want them to be able to enjoy Boreas Ponds.

Kent Gregson, Indian Lake

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