Failure to compromise a problem

Today we hear many capitalist complaining about government regulation and I am sure there may be some regulation that needs oversight! This is where our two candidates for president differ the most! One wants no regulation, Mr. Romney, while the other, President Obama, feels some regulation is needed to insure the safety of the American worker, our banking system and a host of others like food production!

Regardless of what I or Mr. Alexander and Mr. Rambach write every American needs to try and cut through the maze of what is said by both candidates and make a decision as to what is best for our country! Between now and Election Day both sides will try to persuade us their view is best! There will be those who will use slander and lies to help their candidate but I believe Americans will see through this! Our republic will stand long after the naysayers have left for uncharted pastures!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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