Failure to compromise a problem

To the Times of Ti:

Dan Alexander’s “viewpoint” of this past week and the letter from Jerry Rambach of Saranac two weeks ago both have merit with regard to our coming presidential election!

Mr. Alexander’s comparison of what is being said by both candidates and the stretching of the truth by both gives readers an honest opinion! I believe it may be a little slanted by Mr. Alexander’s own political leanings, but all in all it brought out the fact that politics is not a place for the weak at heart! Mr. Rambach’s letter talks of “Competing philosophies” and goes into great length bringing the history of capitalism up as the main mover in our economy! Again I feel it is slanted to the writer’s point of view! Please understand I have no problem with a writer putting to paper his/her point of view as I have done so hundreds of times!

Our country was founded by individuals all having points of views that many times conflicted! Unfortunately others and I are sometimes guilty of not compromising and pushing our way of thinking on others! It is my view this “my way or the highway attitude” is why our country is in need of change! I don’t believe for one minute that our president doesn’t understand capitalism is needed if we are to succeed in a world economy! However, I do believe there are many who don’t understand that capitalism needs to be blended with other economic systems such as a “mixed economy” that incorporates some government involvement into a market-based economy! History tells us if leave everything up to capitalist the rest of society would still be working in sweat factories and safety in the work place would not exist! History also tells us it took government action to end these practices!

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