Town, village at odds over Trudeau annexation process

— Trudeau has to file a petition to start the annexation process, and the town of Harrietstown has not yet received any paperwork.

“When somebody gets around to following the process, then we’ll address it,” DeFuria said.

In New York state, the annexation process requires the filing of a petition by at least 20 percent of the qualified voters or by the owners of a majority of the assessed value of real estate within the territory to be annexed, according to New York State Municipal Law. The annexing municipality must have a public hearing to determine whether annexation is in the overall public interest. Then the boards of each affected local government must approve annexation by a majority. If one board fails to approve, there is a procedure for judicial review. Once approved by the boards, the proposition must be submitted for election by the voters in the territory to be annexed.

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