Protest really not needed over a moose killing

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Arab Spring. Occupy Wall Street. Save Horace Nye. Bruce the Moose. One of these things is not like the other.

I completely understood when people expressed some concern or were upset with the fact when the now fabled moose met his end last week in the Wilmington Notch. But to organize a protest and vigil over the matter? Really?

On Saturday, around 10 people showed up to protest the killing of the moose, which was about 10 more people than needed to be there.

There are just so many things that I see wrong with holding a protest and vigil over the shooting of a moose that was injured and needed to be taken out of its misery. Foremost, the fact that it cheapens the whole protest and vigil movement. The gluttony of Wall Street may very well be a worthy cause to protest. The need for freedom and revolution is definitely a worthy cause. The death of a moose isn’t even a cause, let alone worthy. It’s an event.

What’s the protest here? Let the injured animal die the way nature intended? Let a pack of wild dogs descend onto the banks of the Ausable, tormenting the moose until they go in for what I imagine would be a very painful and slow kill, starting to eat it while the once majestic creature gasps for its last breath. Sure, it’s the Lion King, “circle of life ending,” but a little on the cruel side, if you ask me. Hakuna Matata.

Could it be because we see moose as a majestic creature? If this were a coyote, skunk or other more, shall we say, undesireable creature, would there be a “Chuck the Skunk” or “Don Coyote” tribute page on Facebook? Come on, be honest with yourself.

I have heard police brutality thrown out there as a reason to protest. What? I will give you that there were some parts of the story that seem a little out of sorts, but do we really want police or DEC officers going up to a rather large animal that is acting strangely, risking their lives to see if it is OK, although it would be a great storyline for the movie sequel, “End of Watch: Adirondacks” (come on, if you don’t know what that phrase means, then you deserve a spoiler alert).

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