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Hold regular meetings, with both the entire staff and individually, to build understanding, camaraderie and to set goals to help keep the staff on track with workloads and reporting to supervisors. Reward systems are a great way to regularly give out appreciation and compliments. Everyone responds to something different; design the rewards around your staff’s interests and motivations. We think that $$$ are a great motivator!

Address situations immediately. This reminds employees that you are aware and have the workplace environment under control. Immediate action reduces chaos, gossip and drama. Employees are seeking a sense of fairness, and if a double standard exists, or they regularly hear someone using excuses to keep out of trouble, they will begin to disrespect your authority. A poor supervisory style that was recently brought to our attention is when the boss is so intimidated by particular employees, that they make an overall demand instead of a direct demand to the specific offender. This leads to a lack of confidence in your leadership from the other employees.

Remember that THIS IS A BUSINESS!! Without making your issues their issues it is a delicate balance to undertake. Many times employees have no idea of all the time, costs, worries and juggling that you are actually doing to make a living. Deciding what may help them understand is a tricky, yet necessary piece to good leadership.


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