New CT scanner installed at Elizabethtown Community Hospital

The new CT scanner at Elizabethtown Community Hospital.

The new CT scanner at Elizabethtown Community Hospital. Photo provided

Elizabethtown Community Hospital has installed a new CT scanner to enhance the level of service it offers. The 64-slice Philips Ingenuity CT scanner, installed in early November, provides more detailed images quickly with less radiation exposure for patients.

CT, or computed tomography, combines X-rays and computers to produce detailed, cross-sectional images of internal structures of the body, helping physicians diagnose disease and assess traumatic injury. ECH often uses CT scanning for patients that visit the emergency department to diagnose stroke and assess traumatic injury.

When people in the local area are victims of car accidents, serious injury or stroke, they are brought to ECH. During these life-threatening situations, ECH has a very specific role: to triage, treat and transport to a facility offering specialized care. It stabilizes patients so that they can survive the trip to the stroke center, surgical facility or trauma center. CT is an important part of that process, providing important information to the emergency department.

During trauma, stroke or other significant injury cases, it is critical that staff assess patients quickly, provide initial treatment and ensure that the patient is sent to the appropriate specialist. Trauma injuries include anything that can produce significant internal damage to the body – car accident, major fall, head injury, etc.

According to Rob DeMuro, medical director at ECH, the new CT unit uses 40 to 80 percent less radiation, a feature that also supports the efforts of ECH to decrease the amount of patient exposure to radiation through CT scans.

“Physicians are becoming increasingly concerned about the risk of radiation overexposure and are carefully considering benefits and risks as they request CT scans,” said DeMuro. “It’s important to ensure that the CT scan is as safe as possible. This CT unit is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. The hospital is proud to be able to offer the latest technology and most advanced technology in the entire region.”

The unit can accommodate both larger patients and small children. The unit offers dedicated settings that are more appropriate for children and smaller patients, significantly reducing their radiation exposure.

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