Johnsburg Central School invites parents to Technology Night

Learn about school’s computer programs

— In the elementary school computer lab, Mrs. Morris and Mr. Brown will be presenting the “Elementary enVision Math Program” from 6 to 6:45p.m.

enVision math basics:

•Child support: You will feel comfortable to support your child to make sense of mathematics and learn that they can be mathematical thinkers.

•Standards/expectations: With the implementation of the Common Core standards, expectations have changed and learning and understanding math is different from what it has been. Most adults have learned math my memorization of a specific set of principles or rules to solving problems. However, these methods do little to assist students in developing a deeper understanding of the mathematical content or the flexibility to apply these math skills in the real world.

•Navigation and visualizing: Using the elementary computer lab for assistance, parents will be able to become familiar with the site and its opportunities/options.

•How and why: Familiarity of the enVision math program your child is using and how to access the useful and meaningful parental resources to support your child’s success in mathematics.

•Knowledge is power: Having the basic knowledge and understanding of what is taking place in your child’s school environment (mathematics program) will allow you to aid, support and guide when appropriate.

High school lab

In the high school computer lab, Ms. Kearney and Mr. Bohmer will be presenting the “Parent Portal Schooltool” and Ms. Totzke and Mr. Wilson will be presenting the “Middle/High School Blackboard Learn Program” from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m.

Schooltool basics:

•View your child’s permanent record information

•View classes, grades, schedules and keep an eye on their attendance.

Blackboard Learn basics:

•See your child’s classes

•Look up detailed assignments for your child who might have been absent for a day

•Download textbooks/link to websites for class discussions

•Look on discussion boards to talk with your child about literature and novel studies

•Copy worksheets from home

•Print out vocabulary words to help your child study

•Student/parent/teacher communication regarding marking periods, assessments, projects, and field trips

For more information, visit the JCS website, click in the District Calendar and open Nov. 29, the Parent Technology Night Brochure. Or call the principal’s office at 251-3504.at 251-3504.

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