Where should our priorities lie?

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Yet these events might reveal that you or a family member is mentally ill and there is help available or that your actions hurt members of an already marginalized community.

Perhaps you discover your family has poor eating habits and you take the information you gather and prevent your children from developing diabetes.

Maybe one workshop saves you from cancer, another from a loved one committing suicide, a third is educational and gives you the tools you need to begin the process of changing careers, a fourth reveals there is support to help you go back to school, and yet another provides people with the tools to make the lives of themselves and those around them more pleasant and less tragic.

I’m not saying stop turning out for Black Friday, but there are an array of free and/or cheap events in this community that we should be lining up for too.

These events will help us in ways three hours in front of a massive wide screen ever will.

So what are we willing to risk frostbite for? Healthy, happier lives in a supportive society, or televisions?

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