Political forum gives light to all parties

Members of the KCS senior class and members of the area political parties hold forum.

Members of the KCS senior class and members of the area political parties hold forum. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— For the Democratic party, Hannah McCabe said th party believes the country and is stronger together than if everyone was on their own.

Sam Balzac, student representative for the Green party, said the things he learned about the green party follow many of is personal beliefs and desires to work harder for the environment.

“The Green New Deal seeks to reduce unemployment by creating government jobs, slow down climate change by encouraging the development of wind and solar technologies, fix our financial situation by reorganizing America's banking system, preserve democracy by expanding voting rights, and decrease military spending," Balzac said.

After the forum, Balzac said the research project had him thinking differently about the green party.

"I am very concerned about the environment and I think we need to do more to protect it," Balzac said. "Many of the values of the green party reflect my own, if you had asked me before I started this project I would have said my political opinions match the democratic party."

On the war on terror, Jack Van Wie said the socialism party's policy on war is to stay out of different countries and let the governments abroad figure out their own problems. The party's stance brings up the major differences between the socialism party and the republican and democratic parties.

The six different parties were contacted and invited to send an adult member to work with their student representative and also participate in the forum.

Assembly candidate Dan Stec drove from Albany, taking a break from campaigning to participate as the Republican party member.

"I thought Certainly these kinds of forums are important for young people to learn, these are high school seniors they are about to become tax payers and voters , so they are entering adulthood this is part of the process and part of their learning experience," Stec said. "I though it was great that they invited me I did think the students did a great job researching each partys position on things and it was a good evening."

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