Our pets are family, too

Kids Count

Now as Jazz is declining, we take every opportunity to hug her and rub her old back to let her know that we honor what she has given our family. Jazz has helped us to be a family; she has modeled the behavior that most of us humans fall short of. Her face is almost completely white now and when she fixes her eyes upon you must go to her. Her familiar smell reminds me of home. She loves when you get down on the floor with her so you can put your head against hers and your arms around her neck.

Jazz has always been a dog who wants to be with her family. She never wandered away from home even as a puppy and if a family member is around, there she is also. Jazz has been a constant reminder that being welcoming, kind, forgiving and loyal are ideals that we all should strive for. Alas, most of us are just humans with human frailties and short comings.

Only our pets seem to be able to consistently rise to these highly prized character traits.

Remember. All kids count.

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