Our pets are family, too

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Our pets are so important to us and give rise to great expressions of emotion and love.

One writer wrote, “My dog is not my whole life, my dog just made my life whole.”

Another wrote, “It is no accident that God spelled backwards is dog.”

Anyone who is a pet owner knows where these powerful words come from; they are inspired by the pets that give so much to their families. The unconditional love and affection that our pets give us is priceless. Our pets also help to raise our children and to teach them important lessons about life. We had a cranky Tom cat that would go out every night in his younger days to fight and make those strange cat fight noises.

My wife tried to interfere with his going out one time and paid the price. I used to try to sit by him and he was intolerant of being petted, his back feet would come up and he would lightly bite to say, “go away.” Incredibly, there were pictures of the old cat draped over my daughters shoulder or around her waist. There were also pictures of the surly old man in hats and baby clothes; to my daughter he was kind, loving and very tolerant.

He was our cranky old man until he was 16 years old. To know the love of a pet is to know the love of someone that loves you just as you are, in fact, they think that you are awesome just the way you are. Our pets don’t remember when we are moody or cranky; my old golden retriever Jazz would look at me as if to say, “This too will pass.”

Our pets take every occasion to greet us with enthusiasm and joy every time we come home even if we have only been gone a few hours.

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