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At this time of year, many families are beginning to unpack their favorite, most cherished decorations and begin to spruce up their homes for the holiday season. We at the NCSPCA have some tips for you as to how to make your home both festive, and safe for your furry family members.

First, keep any edible decorations (popcorn strings, candy canes, fruit) high enough off the floor so your pet won't be tempted to take a bite. Scented decorations or presents such as soaps can also be mistaken for food. Next, secure your tree firmly so your dog or cat can't knock it over. A curious cat may even attempt to climb your tree! Keep small ornaments well out of reach - a sparkly bit of tinsel or a string of lights may look pretty to you, but to your pet it may look like a toy, or possibly a tasty treat. Decorative plants such as poinsettias and misteltoe can be toxic to your pets and should also be kept in a safe place. Be mindful of the location of candles and open flames, which can easily be knocked over by wagging tails or curious noses. Finally, be sure to clean as you go - don't give your furry friend a chance to swallow something harmful. You can learn more about holiday safety tips and pets from the Animal Planet website, http://www.animal.discovery.com/.

Our featured pet this week is Oscar, a green-eyed, orange tabby Domestic Shorthair-mix who is quite a handsome fellow. This sweet boy has a very funny personality and a macho swagger when he walks. Oscar would love to be in a home where he can receive lots of lap time and play time with his forever family. He simply can't get enough attention! Oscar is hoping to catch the eye of the next person passing by his cage... in return, he promises to be a wonderful, affectionate companion. If you are looking for a frisky feline who will both keep you entertained and be a loyal friend, Oscar is the cat for you!

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