Thoughts on ‘law’

To the Valley News:

I must throw my two cents into the fray and let my thoughts out on the word “law.”

The letter from the planning board has an intent to make town folks think that no laws are going to be created. I don't think it matters whether it is a law, rule or regulation, the result is the same, either you follow it or face the consequences. A letter from the code enforcement officer and then court could be your fate. Maybe we have too many would be lawyers around and they think we are all fools, so please tell it how it is and not something that misleads.

While we are at it, I will bet that the chapter (5) that limits the planning document to the village will be erased from the “comprehensive plan,” and then those outside of the village will face this plan in the near future. Don't believe it when you are told that is not the way it will go. Insist on the inclusion on paragraph 5.01 in the new plan document. as this para. limits the document to the village.

The overall result of a larger plan will be more government interference in your lives and more costs to run the town. I hope all of you that are asleep wake up before that happens. Some of the folks in Willsboro have now seen the light as they now need permits for everything and pay for a full time code enforcement officer. Much more paperwork and a form for everything. Does our tiny town really need this?

Bill Hubschman, Elizabethtown

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