Partisan politics must end

To the Times of Ti:

By the time this letter gets printed the 2012 elections will be history and for many of us it will be a welcome change! Unfortunately some will harbor ill feelings long after the elections because of the mud slinging that goes with them!

Reading the letter from Bert Windle of Putnam with regard to Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, a Republican backing Bill Owens a Democrat for Congress, gives one insight into what partisan politics is all about! Partisan politics is the main reason millions of Americans were unemployed over the past several years!

It works both sides of the aisle but for the past four years the Republican Party has been steadfastly partisan to one end! This was to unseat the sitting president at any cost regardless of the hurt put on the American public! Mr. Windle states that he doesn’t question the work ethic or integrity of Bill Owens, his concern is that Bill Owens is a Democrat!

I have always voted for the person I felt would have the best ethics and integrity along with a sense of responsibility to those he or she would serve! What political party one belonged to was a last concern! Over the years I have worked on campaigns for both Republicans and Democrats with a few Independents in between!

Mr. Windle’s concern about President Obama working with the United Nations to confiscate our firearms and providing the start of world governance is something straight out of fiction made up by the likes of Rush Limbaugh!

I applaud Teresa Sayward for backing the candidate she feels will serve the people and do so with integrity regardless of his political affiliation! In his letter Mr. Windle had not one good word to say for his candidate Matt Doheny while giving praises to Bill Owens! Something doesn’t fit!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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