Mean People Make More

Kids Count

It seems that many adults spend a good deal of time asking and or teaching children to “be nice.” Aren’t there signs, books, t-shirts and even programs that ask children to “practice random acts of kindness” or to “look out for each other?” Perhaps these misguided adults do not know that they may be dooming their young charges to a life of financial mediocrity.. So what if mean people make a little more money, who cares?

I guess this is where each of us must decide our individual truths. How far is each of us willing to go to be popular, wealthy, powerful, or considered successful. I have known people that were willing to do things that were dishonest, mean and unethical to arrive at what they called success. I still say that is important that we all strive for the triumph of goodness, decency and kindness especially in our dealings with young people.

The kids who learn to “play the game well” are at an advantage in some respects, however, these advantages have little to do with the mettle of their character. If you are one of those adults out there who insist on equal treatment for all the children before you, if you do not overlook pettiness or meanness between children, and if you believe that winning at all costs is not winning at all, I congratulate you for you are doing a noble thing. You are not just helping children that have not yet learned how to play the game but you are also helping to insure that there will always be people that care as much about the manner in which someone succeeds as the level of success that they enjoy.

Without you, our culture, our world could simply be run by the few that always know how to play the game.

Remember, all kids count.

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