Janet Duprey wins Assembly race

Janet Duprey at the West Side Ballroom in Plattsburgh on election night. Duprey maintained her seat in the 115th Assembly District.

Janet Duprey at the West Side Ballroom in Plattsburgh on election night. Duprey maintained her seat in the 115th Assembly District. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

— This was the nastiest race Republican Janet Duprey has ever participated in.

She’s proud she kept it clean on her end.

And ultimately, she won, securing another term in the 115th Assembly Seat.

“Now it’s time to get this campaign behind me and get back to full time Assembly work,” Duprey said Tuesday night at the West Side Ballroom in Plattsburgh, headquarters for the Republicans on election night.

A total of three candidates ran for the 115th Assembly Seat.

Running were Duprey; Karen Bisso, a Plattsburgh City School teacher running as the Conservative Party candidate; and Democrat Timothy Carpenter, a City of Plattsburgh Councilor from Ward 1.

Duprey came under attack by opponents for retiring and also collecting a salary. She explained during the campaign that she put in 31 years in county government and earned her retirement, a decision she made to protect her family. She further pointed out that the law allows an individual to retire and hold an elected position.

Duprey also came under fire for supporting gay marriage. She firmly believes gay marriage is a human rights issue and people are entitled to happiness with the person they love. She doesn’t understand how anyone can deny someone the opportunity to be happy with someone he or she loves and wants to share a life with while enjoying the same legal protections that are not available without a marriage.

Duprey noted that the attacks against her began as soon as her opponent started campaigning.

“It just kept going along that same tone,” Duprey said. “Instead of what they were going to do, it was shots at me, and it was offensive.”

She said 90 percent of the people she spoke with thanked her for remaining positive.

Some days it would have been easier to take some of her own shots at her opponent, but she wanted her grandchild to know bullying does not work.

“I don’t understand it,” Duprey said. “It was so negative.”

She is eager to put the campaign behind her and get back to work. She looks forward to touring facilities such as schools and prisons again.

Duprey believes she does everything she can to meet the needs of constituents who call her.

She prides herself on being bipartisan.

“I am proud of that.”

Duprey looks forward to serving in the Assembly for another two years and said she loves the position.

“I think we are able to do good things.”

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