Will all the grim predictions really come true?

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And now, as I write this, I wonder: Who will be the president?

Will all the grim predictions come true? Will it be dark and horrible and oppressive and hell on earth?

I hope not, and I highly doubt it, but doesn’t it sort of have to be?

I mean, if all the things we were so frightened and angry about, these things we felt so driven by, don’t come true, then maybe we yelled at grandma and called her an idiot for nothing. Maybe we looked down at our co-workers for nothing. Maybe we bought into the hype and insulted our neighbors, and shared and posted some intensely graphic and evil and mean-spirited, but apparently prophetic, things on Facebook for nothing.

Some might say, “C’mon, Facebook, whatever.” Well, life is happening and has been happening on Facebook for some time now and with the same results: Love, hate, anger, laughter, tears, joy, abuse.

Yes, some idiotic things were said by lawmakers and we were right to call them on it, but are we really never going to talk to our friend we made shortly after birth because they support the individual we decided was a manifestation of pure evil. So basically, what we are saying is there are some of us, even many of us, who thought Romney or Obama was akin to Jeffrey Dahmer.

Many of us definitely lost our sense of humor this election, unless it was us picking on the candidate we opposed.

And oh my, did so many of us ever become so oblivious to obvious wrongs committed by our candidate.

Obama could punch a baby and a Democrat would say, “Well, did you hear how loud that baby was crying,” or, “I really think he slipped,” even as Obama did a dance and kissed his fist.

And that goes both ways.

So now I wonder, when I read this in print, will the anger still be there, or will we become humble and apologize and forgive and forget, and not just because we won.

I’m already examining where I might need to offer an apology and figure out how to prevent such behavior in the future.

Unless, of course, the world ends, and then I guess grandma really was an idiot.

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