Will all the grim predictions really come true?

From the Editor's Desk

As you read this, will all my friends still like me?

Will some members of my family have disowned me?

Will I be pouting in my room, refusing to come out?

Will I be parading in the streets, sticking my tongue out at people?

Will I have accepted defeat gracefully?

Will I quietly and humbly celebrate victory?

Will you and your friends and families and co-workers still get along, or will hard feelings be the downfall of everyone?

This election has brought out nastiness like I’ve never seen before.

Granted, I am only 38, but still, I’ve never seen so many people, so mad and so defensive and so on edge. Many people were that way well before the election, but as election day neared — WOW.

And now, as I write this, it is time to vote tomorrow. When this is read, it will all be done, and part of me keeps picturing smoke and rubble in the aftermath, with half the country angered and defeated and the other half hoping their new president saves them. The majority of the people I talk to say that is what they are expecting, and that is partly why they’ve been so darn mad — because one man will mess everything up and the other is waiting for Tuesday to pass to tear open his shirt and reveal his superhero costume and fly around the country and fix and save everyone and everything.

The country has been damaged for some time and people need a miracle.

Of course, that is not going to happen, but that is what seemed at stake here as friends and family members traded hurtful words and sometimes fists over who should be the next president.

I heard people claim Romney was going to put women back in aprons and take away their rights and that Obama wanted to get the government’s hands into everything and get us all dumb and on welfare so he could create a Muslim state.

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