Waste of money

To the Valley News:

Recently I was furious when I opened my mailbox and found that my union dues had been wasted. I saw a mailer we paid for that had Janet Duprey standing with fellow union members saying she supports the 99 percent. Then came the robo calls also paid for with our money. I think it’s time we woke up.

First of all, I and everyone I know would love to go to work and at the end of the week get our paycheck, while at the same time be handed a retirement check for the same job. Although not feasible for us, it would be nice. Well Janet Duprey does just this and together she gets over $175,000 per year. She is collecting two paychecks for doing the same job once. The amount of money she makes sounds more like the 1 percent to me.

Second of all, why did Janet Duprey take our money in the first place? According to the NYS Board of Elections website she had over $35,000 in her campaign account to begin with. I don’t know about you, but if I was making that much money and claim to care about the 99 percent, I wouldn’t be asking people living paycheck to paycheck to also pay for my campaign. Of course it was important for Janet to buy a $100 sign with her name on it to put up at the hole she paid $640 to sponsor at a $100 a player golf tournament. But we all have money for that. Likewise, it was also important for her to take our union dues, while also taking campaign contributions from companies like Bombardier, Pfizer, and Enbridge, while also voting in favor of corporate welfare grants to these very companies that are also self-sufficient.

We are supposed to show solidarity with our fellow 99%ers. So why when we have Karen Bisso, a teacher, a 27 year union member, and an actual 99%er, is SEIU endorsing and giving our money to Janet Duprey?

I ask my fellow union members to join me in voting for someone in this election who will not only represent US, but IS one of us. Vote for Karen Bisso.

Zachery Sirk, LPN


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