Will vote for Obama

To the Times of Ti:

John Sharkey’s letter of Saturday, Oct. 27, another newspaper was another full of misplaced facts!

I will say he is correct in one point and that is about the growth rate being under 2 percent a year! According to most economists this is a good thing as a slow and steady economy is better than a runaway one that would produce inflation and certainly put us back where we were in 2008!

Mr. Sharkey speaks of the national debt but doesn’t speak of how this debt came to be! He glosses over the part where former President Bush and the Republican Party turned a surplus into debt by starting two wars and voting on spending bills that would put us where we are now!

While the president of Israel Shimon Peres lauds our president for his unwavering support Mr. Sharkey tries to make us believe our president has ignored Israel! The diatribe about the recent attack on our consulate in Libya is just so much fodder! I would ask Mr. Sharkey and others if they remember the attack in Lebanon in 1983 on our Marine barracks! Terrorists drove a truck into the barracks loaded with explosives killing 241 Marines!

One has to wonder if those who feel President Obama is at fault for what happened in Libya blamed President Regan for the deaths of the 241 in Lebanon!

What happened was unfortunate and it may happen again as there is no way to stop the actions of terrorists who are bent on killing! Ambassador Stevens and the others killed in the Libya attack were doing their job as were the 241 Marines in Lebanon! When put in harm’s way there is always a risk and those who die taking these risks are heroes! Using them to attack our president is a sham and those doing so are insulting their memory! Ambassador Stevens and the others could have cut and run but they chose to stay and try to make a difference!

Mr. Sharkey and Rush Limbaugh are cut from the same cloth. Not liking our president is a right, but bringing falsehoods is a breach of the 10 Commandments!

On Nov. 6 I will be voting to re-elect Barrack Obama, a Christian, as president of these United States!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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