Two run for Stony Creek Town Board seat

— Encouraging small business growth and increasing tourism in the area are also important to O’Neill.

“Having worked in Lake George, Warrensburgh, Thurman and Stony Creek, I know how small towns work and I know what works best to promote tourism as well as what doesn’t work with the public,” O’Neill said. “If we have more businesses we promote tourism at the same time and improve upon the community that we have.”

O’Neill also mentioned his idea to have a weekly flier for the town to keep people informed of local happenings, and working to establish snowmobile trails throughout the region to promote tourism.

“As the railroad came through, they eliminated all use of snowmobiles on railroad tracks for safety reasons, which is completely understandable; however, that cut us off from a lot of our tourism in the winter department. I am hoping we can get a (snowmobile) trail system to connect Saratoga County, Warren, Washington, like a unified trail system that would also allow us to have passage to North Creek and Essex County. Something people could greatly enjoy while also having an opportunity to explore the Adirondacks.”

John Thomas

Thomas said his strongest qualification for the town board position is that he knows the people in Stony Creek. Creating jobs and helping the elderly will be his top priorities if elected.

“I’ve been involved with the community, the Boy Scouts and Fire Department,” Thomas said. “I know most of the people and the age group that might need some extra assistance.”

To help the community, Thomas said he would explore as many options as possible.

“I’d like to expand on some programs we have, like Meals on Wheels, and see if there are other programs other towns have that we might have missed because we are a small town,” Thomas said.

Still, Thomas said that keeping taxes low is important.

“I believe I can stay within the budget. I know there’s a lot of elderly people in town on a fixed income, so anything I can do to help keep taxes down is mainly what I’m running for.”

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