ILCS third grade and Earth Day

To the News Enterprise:

As part of our celebration of Earth Day, we performed “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss and planted sunflowers to stand for the truffula trees. Later we watched “The Story of Stuff” (www.storyofstuff.org) which tells how we are using the resources of the world to make things that we don’t really need. Both The Lorax and “The Story of Stuff” have a message to share, and so do we. We think it is important to:

•recycle as much as possible, including plastic shopping bags, or better yet use reusable shopping bags

•pick up garbage on the side of the road to protect plants, animals, and water systems

•use bikes instead of cars and plan your trips

•invest in solar power and electric cars

•pass on items that are still usable to someone who needs them

•replant trees that have been chopped

Some people may think that the trees all look alike. We say we live in a beautiful part of the state and we want our beautiful land to stay the way it is. We say stop or slow down and look closer because it is beautiful.

ILCS 3rd Grade

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