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To the Valley News:

Last week, EMS Week offered Elizabethtown Community Hospital an opportunity to reflect on the important role of the EMS worker. Last week, this week, and every week, EMS workers deserve many thanks for all that they do.

Each time I hear the fire whistle, the siren of an ambulance, each time I see a fire truck, and each time I hear the rotors of a helicopter outside the hospital, I think about about this group of incredibly special people who rush to help our community members during their time of greatest need. EMS workers arrive exactly when they’re needed the most, ready to give their best to those who are sick, injured, in pain and terrified.

Living in a rural community, EMS workers – volunteers, most of them – are friends, neighbors, co-workers and community members. Their response to medical emergencies, accidents, fires, and other (often) dangerous situations, ensures that people ultimately receive the medical care that they need.

On behalf of Elizabethtown Community Hospital’s board of directors, administration, management and all staff members, I’d like to extend our thanks to each and every EMS worker. Thanks for your time, dedication, compassion, commitment and devotion to the community. Our organization understands exactly how EMS workers contribute to quality patient care. Everyone affiliated with this hospital gives our unwavering respect and support. We know that each and every one of you will continue to give us your best. ECH is proud to be your partner in health care.

Rod Boula, CEO

Elizabethtown Community Hospital

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