Hiking trails in the North Creek region

Hike to Roaring Brook Gorge on the Schaefer Trail

Moderate Hike

Starting at the train station follow the directions in column one to the kiosk on the Schaefer Trail. Follow the path with blue Foot Trail markers through the blueberry meadow and into the hemlock and spruce forest. Cross an old roadway (.23 miles + 5-10 min. ) up the trail and continue on the marked path gently climbing the slope through the coniferous forest.

Approximately 10-15 minutes up the trail you will pass a big double base oak and enter a hardwood stand with an over-story of large Red Oak. The trail will become steeper and take two sharp turns.

You will hear the roar of the creek as the trail approaches the edge of Roaring Brook gorge. The trail will follow the top of the bank uphill and offer filtered views of Oven and Crane Mountains. (15-20 min.)

The trail will then veer away from the top of the embankment make a left turn and cross a small stream. Then it will descend into the gorge. (5 min.)

This is the place to turn around if you are uncomfortable on side hill and rocky trails.

Carefully walk around the boulders by the ledge rock outcropping as you approach the stream. As you walk along the brook you will see flumes and small falls. There is a great place to stop at a large waterfall with a pool at its base.

The falls are 1 mile from the kiosk, hike takes 1 to 2 hours roundtrip and has 500 feet of elevation gain.

Walk to Rabbit Pond Brook Falls on Ski Bowl Connector Trail

Easy Hike

Starting at the train station follow the directions in column one to the Community Garden. Continue past the garden, pavilion and ski lifts. Along the wood line 200 ft. beyond the big lift (Hudson Lift) there will be a sign and yellow trail markers to follow.

Trail descriptions provided by Steve Ovitt, Wilderness Property Management Inc.

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