Always putting motorcyclists down

To the Adirondack Journal:

‘Tis the season for motorcycling, and I plus many others like me polish the chrome and tinker on our motorcycles to prepare for a great season of riding on our roadways.

But then we see things like the recent letter-to-the-editor titled “Many motorcycles are far too loud.”

Well, the opinion expressed in the article ruffles my feathers. Did the author, J. P. Gitto, want a bike when he was younger and his parents said no?

Who is he to say what is loud — trains are loud, but people like to hear them; and guns are loud, but people like to shoot them.

Well, I love Harleys and love to hear them roar! As far as noise at a stop light, what one minute at a stop sign offends you, Mr. Gitto? Well get over it, we pay our taxes and pay for our bikes to be on these roads — So deal with it, we aren't going anywhere and my hog will roar ‘til the day I die, so keep it to yourself — because I'm sure we could find fault with something you do.

Ethan Vernum

Pendall Hollow Shop, Athol

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