Turning Back the Pages

This man’s letter brings back fond memories. In the winter of 1957 I lived in Lake George on McGillis Avenue, not far from Birdie and Dave’s tavern down on the corner of Canada St. Often in the morning, too early for the patrons to be in, I would go down to the tavern and sit in a chair in the front window while Birdie bustled around to get ready for the evening crowd. There I had a panoramic view of the lake. I would watch the ice fishermen diligently pursuing their prey as they huddled over their tip-ups and small holes in the ice as the frigid cold wind whirled around them. Later on, one would occasionally come into the tavern to get warm and show off his fish and usually try to sell them. I heard many good fish stories in those days. Those were happy times!

Death came unexpectedly

Sergeant Thomas McCarthy, 42, formerly of Wevertown, died at the home of his sister, Mrs. McDonald in Seattle, Wash., April 14, 1912 of injuries sustained on that day from the accidental discharge of a gun he was handling. For 17 years he was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and he fought all through the Spanish American War.

Mrs. Caroline Bennett, 70, a sister of Mrs. Dennis Weaver of Warrensburgh, died suddenly of heart failure May 8, 1912 at her home in Glens Falls. She was about the house during the day and in the evening called on a neighbor living on the lower floor of her home. She returned to her own rooms and was found the following morning by her son sitting in a chair, dead in her bedroom. She is survived by her husband, five daughters and five sons.

Local news roundabout

In Lewisville (River St. area) is stated on good authority that there will be a Warrensburgh pool and billiard room in the near future, for the occupancy of which a new building will be erected. Clarence Culver has purchased a new Pope motor cycle. Mrs. John Beswick is suffering from a partial paralysis of the neck and shoulders caused by, it is thought, a recent operation for her ears for which she underwent in Albany. Godfrey Hewitt is building g an addition to his residence.

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