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Droughts accompanied with severe cold in winter contribute to more intense ice jams in Adirondack rivers (physical function glaciation) during winter and spring. Furthermore, these situations that are a result of particulate rise which add to naturally suspended particulates in our atmosphere hasten the eutrophication of a dammed rivers and hasten the eutrophication of lakes by heavy rain and resultant erosion of soil surfaces into these eutrophic and other bodies of water. Mud and debris slides occur along cirques and other steep gradients more often. In winter, the lack of precipitation over long periods of time in which human made and caused suspension of particulates contribute, there is a greater degree a progressive decline in snowfall that is collectively costing eastern ski area operators multi-millions.

Please realize that every time there is a hurricane, tornado, flood or other catastrophic weather phenomenon that occurs in our country, the impact on natural cover is unprecedented since many building structures have to be replaced. The water is fouled and the water table permanently contaminated.

It is the hope of many, including myself, that the directional philosophical movement that we pass through in time will be a movement in a direction toward a process of change for our children and future generations. But it is my intention in principle to raise the consciousness of human kind of the imminence of biosphere contamination at a slow rate.

“The faces of our future generations look up from the earth, having not gone through conception, biogenesis, life, gestation and birth. God bless the rain that rinses their faces that now calls mother the earth; so that they will be born into the world without biological defect or later carcinogenic from pesticides and herbicides (2-4-D) or their bio-contamination.” (Circle of Native American Elders)

In order to know where we are going, we must first know where we have been. There is a need for some changes statewide in history, and science education. Unless things change, future generations will pay dearly for our greed and ignorance.

Ronald Edwin Keegan is a retired high school teacher of the arts and sciences, teaching in places such as the Peru Central School, and lives in the town of Wilmington

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