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Critics claim districts must cut, and that children only need the basics.

I covered public education for 12 years as a journalist.

Not enough is spent on education and more resources are needed in a system that is taking a savage beating.

Some poor families excel at providing cultural and educational opportunities for their children, but the vanishing clubs, programs and classes are the only access many children have to a wide range of enriching and fulfilling activities.

A good school system prepares children for the future, saves lives and inspires change in young people, who, without it, end up becoming costly burdens on society.

Some claim we all have the same opportunities. Perhaps, but we do not all have the same tools to take advantage of those opportunities. A good public school system may be the only chance some people have to acquire those tools.

Given the gutting of public education over the past several years, if I were a Plattsburgh City School official, I would be angry and scared.

There is a school of thought that sees public education as the foundation of a community.

I’ve also heard that the health of the overall community is more important than that of any system in it.

Only an organized effort will bring about change.

New York must reform the way it funds public education.

The United States must reform where it spends money, because spending trillions on wars that only benefit corporations is disgusting.

I’d rather see Plattsburgh students enjoying foreign languages, sports and music.

Students need child advocates more than Halliburton needs another billion dollars.

The middle class and the working poor shouldn't be strangled by taxes, especially when General Electric pays none. If the federal government collected taxes from such companies, maybe it could use the money to finally live up to its promise to adequately fund special education and stop forcing common Americans to try and pay a bill they clearly cannot cover.

We should all be angry.

Reach Editor Stephen Bartlett at stephen@denpubs.com.

Reach Editor Stephen Bartlett at stephen@denpubs.com.

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