Bullying a problem

To the Times of Ti:

I wanted to take some time to inform you about two subjects I think something must be done about — bullying and cyber-bullying.

Recently the issue of cyber-bullying was expressed through a movie called Cyber Bully which was thought would make bullies realize how bad they hurt other people. I want to inform you that it has not made bullies realize it.

All my life I have been a victim of bullying. Now is the time for it to stop because it is terrible. I get bullied everyday either on Facebook or in school and it is usually both. I wanted to write to you and ask you if you would take the time to address this issue and hopefully changes can be made. The school and the state have a law about bullying and harassment . I have always been told if I am being bullied to report it to the school. When I get bullied in school nothing is done about it. I go home everyday wondering if I can survive another minute of the day.

That is when it gets worse. I get home and go on Facebook and the trouble begins even more. I would like to ask if maybe you would push the issue of these subjects and if I would be able to if I could create a anti-bullying support group and a bullying prevention hotline where kids who are bullied could call and talk to someone who else who gets bullied so they know that they are not the only ones who get bullied. Also the hotline would help the victims of bullying talk to someone because they are talking to someone who knows what it feels like.

Kyle McCoy


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