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To the Valley News:

To High School Graduates; before taking on enormous debt to further your education, make sure if the investment you intend, i.e. whether it is a good one or a bad one. If you have no idea as to what you want to do for a living, or uncertain of the demand of that choice (that is, a job waiting for you after graduation), consider holding off until you are sure of what education is needed to meet your goals and needs. You have specific talents. Degree programs may not be for you. Look at becoming an apprentice in a trade or participating in a technical school that can meet your talents and needs…above all, it is your obligation, investment and responsibility to repay all that debt! Best Wishes. Read on:

To College graduates who cannot find a job in “their field”. Take whatever you can get and prove that you are a go-getter and have the work ethic. Sitting on your hands lamenting that you cannot find a job of your choice will harm only you. Look up those states with the lowest unemployment rate and head there; surely you will find something. As for repaying all those college loans: while not exactly water over the dam, there is always the possibility that you made a poor investment of your choice of curriculum by not researching post graduation jobs possibilities. God blessed you with talents. Have a little chat with Him to find out just what you ought to do now. Follow what He says, do this each day, and you will be fine. He is the truest of friends, so have that special relationship with Him that comes with the best friendship. Eventually all will be fine as revealed to you…Congratulations on your graduation. Now find a ball, pick it up and run with it!

Susan C. Sherman


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