Trouble in Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

The “Kosmider Krowd” is still on the hunt for any dirt or miss-step by the Crown Point town board.

Like little Alinskyites, gathered in smoke filled basements plotting to “crush the opposition,” like Chicago “lite” community organizers/agitators, stirring the pot; they’ve become the ants at the picnic, gnats at sundown, yapping little ankle-biters, children not having their way, having a temper tantrum: to wit—a proctological nuisance!

These brats, during the previous supervisor’s stint in office, never offered advice or questioned Ms. Kosmider’s authority, nor made veiled threats. Oh no, their silence was deafening. However, now they’ve found their voices and are interested in every burp or hiccup, every bit of minutiae that transpires at the monthly meetings. Why are they holding this town board to such a high standard but kept silent while the previous one floundered? Constructive criticism is welcomed and considered at every meeting; however the “Kosmider Krowd” is into destructive criticism in an attempt to undermine this board.

This kind of bad behavior is why good people shy away from running for office. Who needs that nonsense? Just recall the words of Edmond Burke: “Evil men flourish when good men do nothing.”

So may I give some words of encouragement to all the members of the town board, who are not perfect but striving to do their best…Illegitimi non Carborundum

Mary Capek

Crown Point

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