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Cool it Daddio!

Those words probably sounded strange to the parents that overheard these words spoken by teenagers in the 50s. So, too, when I was a teenager the words we used must have sounded strange to the adults around us. Far out man, right on, psyche, tubular and may the force be with you.

When someone wouldn’t share something they were pulling a bogart or bogarting something. If something was a bummer it was really bad. To leave was to split and if things were groovy they were really good.

Whatever means the same as it does now, I really don’t care. Heavy man was an expression of sympathy for the sharing of some really bad news.

Perhaps the most profound slang expression from my generation was what it is, is what it is, an expression up for wide ranging debate as to its meaning. Today words like dope, emo, sweet, bad, noob, pwned and hater are often used by young people. As expected, more abbreviated words are used as text savvy youth include them. Pwned, pronounced owned, means that you were proven wrong or that you did really well on a test you pwned the test.

Time and circumstance influences language and sometimes the meanings of words. As more and more young people opt for expressing themselves through texting the need for or the art of conversation may die a slow death. The unusual words chosen by each generation may be lost at some point as the human race extends it embrace of the mechanical and technological world.

Heads up to parents, when your kids are texting you know what lol, omg and smh means, but did you know that pos means parent looking over shoulder. I just found this out and wanted to pass it along to parents that rightfully are aware of their children’s lives online.

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