Society needs to practice a little more empathy

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President Obama publicly supported gay marriage.

A political move?

I could care less if it is, because the fact is, a sitting president came out in support of gay marriage.

North Carolina became the 30th state to approve a constitutional ban on gay marriage. That I care about, and I care about every religious leader and conservative talk show host who claims that our president declared war on marriage.

The only ones declaring a war on anything are in states such as North Carolina and individuals who attempt to ensure that gay couples cannot even wink at each other without being thrown in jail.

Gays are not waging a war on marriage or pushing their views on anyone.

They aren’t forcing heterosexuals into gay marriage. They aren’t asking that people support it.

They are asking that they be allowed to live their lives as consenting adults, as others are allowed to do, and not be controlled by people who disagree with them.

Imagine if we were allowed to control everyone we disagreed with. You’d see no one walking the streets with tiny dogs, because I don’t particularly care for them.

It is the groups opposed to gay marriage that are forcing their views on everyone else. They don’t seem to be happy enough that they get to freely believe as they want and enjoy their individual rights.

They seem to want to force everyone to live by their views.

That doesn’t bode well for anyone who is not a conservative or a Christian in this country. I have nothing against either group, until members of the groups start acting like tyrants and demanding that everyone live and believe as they do. Well, not actually live as they do, because they are allowed to marry each other, as long as they are not gay.

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