Four run for two spots on Tupper Lake School Board

Paul Ellis

Why are you running for school board? Because of my background as a former school business official. I also taught for three years. I feel I have the qualifications that could help the school district over the next several years because I anticipate that we’re going to have some continued financial difficulties across the country and I feel that my background and expertise can help the school district move forward.

What experiences do you bring to the board? I worked for the school district in Tupper from 1991 to 1998 as the school business official and had an active role in developing the budget and developing the tax rates and compiling departmental budgets. I’m very aware and knowledgeable with how budgets work.

Key issues for the school district? I just think the poor economy is going to continue to mean less state aid which, in turn, means tighter and tighter budgets going forward.

Final comments: Education is a very important part of anybody’s life. Schools are an asset to the community. And that has to be balanced against the needs of the taxpayers.

Fred LaMere Jr.

Why are you running for school board? I started to think about it three years ago when I met with the superintendent about Tupper Lake being in violation of Title 9. And up to this point, nothing’s changed. I didn’t agree with the superintendent/principal position … And I don’t believe in the 17 percent raise they gave him. This community is not a rich community and cannot afford that.

What experiences do you bring to the board? I was on the board for five years before and with negotiations and stuff like that. I guess common sense. I just don’t know where this board is coming from. They say they want to bring these administrators up to what the other areas are making. You can’t compare us to the other areas because we don’t have that kind of a tax base.

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