Minerva waits to sign real property tax memorandum

— At the May 3 Minerva Town Board meeting, Supervisor Sue Montgomery Corey asked the board to table signing a memorandum from the regional Real Property Tax Office located in Saranac Lake.

She explained that at the recent meeting of county supervisors she learned that several towns had decided to wait for clarification on the full meaning of the memorandum before signing.

At this point, what is known is that signing the memorandum means that towns are committing to continue to maintain a 100 percent assessment level. This request comes at a difficult time for many towns since the state has recently cut aid that was being provided to towns based on the total number of parcels in order to assist them in maintaining a 100 percent assessment level — meaning that the tax roll was being kept completely accurate and up to date. During the same meeting of supervisors, they passed a resolution to ask the state to reconsider cutting this aid — known as Cyclical Reassessment Aid.

Minerva was conservative in not including the expected aid money in their budget — which has usually amounted to about $5,000 to $6,000. However, many towns did include it in their budget and were counting on this aid to continue maintaining a 100 percent assessment level.

Many towns have been receiving larger amounts of aid and now face the challenge of dealing with a serious hole in their budgets. Therefore, they are wary of signing the memorandum until they understand the full scope and meaning of signing it.

Other business

Councilmen Dave LaBar and Eric Klippel are in the process of evaluating the latest proposal for a generator for the town hall. They are also exploring alternatives. Corey commended them on their diligence and commitment to this project. During Hurricane Irene, Corey said, the town realized the importance of having a generator for the town hall since a great deal of information and updates come through by fax. In addition, a generator would enable to town to run a feeding station for citizens in need during a crisis.

A resolution was passed to advertise and hire two laborers to remove insulation from the Highway Garage roof at a rate of $9.50 per hour. The project is expected to take between two and three weeks.

It was reported that the Parks Department and Main Office staff are working on getting the beach and campground ready for the summer. Seasonal Campers have already been making reservations.

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Minerva waits for real property tax memorandum. Great post RES Course Provider


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