Vote ‘No’ on Lake George school budget!

To the Adirondack Journal:

The average annual school tax paid by Lake George residential taxpayers is $2,963.

That’s the highest tax of all the 14 school districts within a 20-mile radius of Lake George.

This information comes from the sate Office of Real Property Tax Services. For details, just look at the Facts page on the www.lghalt.org website.

The Lake George school board and administration along with the “Yes” group think that an increase in school taxes is the answer again this year — but what about future years? High taxes equal lowered home value. No buyers seek out high taxes.

Each time the school tax levy increases, it chases out residents — thereby causing the school population to decline. There’s an average of 22 fewer students per year over the last seven years enrolled in Lake George schools.

The recently contract agreement with the teacher’s union has the teachers contribute between 12 percent and 15 percent of health insurance premiums, leaving the taxpayer to pick up 85 percent to 88 percent of the costs. With the ever-rising increases in premiums, the taxpayers will be saddled with paying even more money for their insurance next year than they did this year. The cost of benefits alone exceeds the maximum amount allowed under the 2.21 percent tax levy cap.

If you are unhappy with the minor concessions made by the teachers’ union, remember who negotiated this contract: Board of Education member Virginia Etu and Superintendent Patrick Dee. They did not stand up for you the taxpayer and caved to the union demands once again. They should be held accountable.

Please vote “No” on May 15 to send them a message because they just don’t get it!

Philip Ostrom

Lake George

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