Vote for Murphy and Klein for progress

To the Adirondack Journal:

A change in the Lake George School District Board of Education membership is of utmost importance to guarantee movement towards an efficient school system.

A new member should possess business experience, an analytical mind, and the motivation and tenacity to help initiate changes.

John Murphy and David Klein are two candidates who exhibit the essential qualities needed to guide the school system in the 21st century.

Review their qualifications, check their attendance at board meetings in the last two years, inform yourself about their persistence in obtaining correct information and using their skills and knowledge to provide the school board with alternative suggestions.

These candidates, working together with the board, will assure that the Lake George community is properly represented and most importantly, provide transparency.

Both candidates value education and hold the student as the Number-One priority, as it should be. They favor no cuts in student programs, and endorse the upgrading of school technology to provide students with a nano-tech education.

Also, send a signal that changes to the bureaucracy are needed by voting “No” on the proposed budget. Send a clear message to the present board that they are accountable to those who elected them, and significant changes within the system are necessary. Vote vote Murphy and Klein to start that much-needed process.

Carol James

Lake George

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