Beekmantown in turmoil

To the Editor:

Beekmantown Central School has had a turbulent year. The NYS Comptroller's report showed the district had an improper $10 million dollar fund balance. There was a budget error, re-vote and ultimately, budget failure. Finally, the board approved a principal swap without explanation, outraging the community.

Under the Freedom of Information Law we obtained high school class schedules for the last two years. There were/are multiple classes with sections that have 1-5 students enrolled.

Is that efficient use of tax dollars?

The school board commissioned a study to find efficiencies in K-5.

The Syversky report was completed in October of 2010 and cost taxpayers $20,000. The report recommended various options that would preserve programs and increase utilization rates, thus saving money.

Why hasn't the Board acted on those recommendations?

The public has repeatedly asked the board to develop a financial plan. To date, there is no plan.

During a budget presentation, board member Kourofsky said having such a plan would be difficult due to “uncertainties.”

I disagree: A financial plan is needed more than ever during times of uncertainty.

Board member Marin attempted to justify higher taxes by saying that we should all be willing to give up a beer periodically, thus enabling us to pay more in taxes.

I disagree. We need to use our tax dollars more wisely and throwing good money after bad is not a solution.

We will have the opportunity to elect three new board members on May 15. Please join me in supporting Debbie Passno, April Bingel and Eric Anderson. They believe in living within our means and will look out for the kids and the taxpayers, two groups that seem to have little say in school matters anymore.

Holly Deyo Sims


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